Mt. Hood in Portland, OR from my rooftop

Mt. Hood in Portland, OR from my rooftop


It’s been a while.

Too long of a while. I’m sorry.

Well, more sorry for myself for promising to dedicate time writing weekly posts then falling through because “school happened.” Some quick updates.

Graduated this May, did some things in the summer, and landed a job in October. Celebrated Halloween in my partially decorated apartment on my fuzzy carpet. Am paying rent 100% on my own (including utilities + wifi!) and don’t have a guarantor. That’s awesome (!).

I wake up at 7:00 am and use Microsoft Outlook daily. I’m slowly understanding what “water cooler talk” (microwave line talk) is. Everybody here is married. Everybody has a dog.

Nobody knows what good xiao long bao tastes like.

That’s Portland. Below are a couple memos and cheers to the (hopeful) rejuvenation of a great hobby.





hangzhou hanging lotus at the temple in 2017 on a summer day
style travel blogger in china yellow background contrast
bugs on a stick food in hangzhou china



WWOOF in japan with a japanese country lifestyle in kikuchi, kumamoto on a cloudy summer day with bamboo forest and clothes drying
plant nursery

I really like Portland’s pockets. Past the crazy homeless people, you have some really nice shops with unique pieces with crazy inviting warmth. I would never purchase a piece of driftwood for $350, but can see the appeal. :-)


  • Graduated and haven’t looked back. Fuck you Parsons

  • Reworking lots of creative + hobbies, thinking of what I want to do next

  • Spent 2 months in Egypt with dear friend Abdel

  • Went to Taiwan for the first time. Wow!

  • Went to Germany for the first time (TWICE, and it was paid for). Double Wow!!

  • Cook meals 3+ times/week and spent $20 ribeye lol what I thought cooking was cheap

  • Daniel Caesar at least once a day

  • I smile at everybody I pass by and sometimes say “hey how are you”

Things are nice and I miss the East Coast. Appreciate the charm here but can’t wait to say hello to NYC. Japan posts will resume shortly. :)


See you soon.

Emilia Liu, Champloo