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Hobby 1: "Website Designing", product, product



Thanks everyone for being awesome and super receptive towards my facebook + ig shoutout. Being that the internet is becoming pretty oversaturated with this blog type of thing, I was surprised that I was able to receive the amount of positive feedback that I did. And an even bigger thanks to the people who actually read the posts.

Anyway, something I've been having a lot of fun with lately: "web design." It's in quotes because 1) I would never, ever, ever call myself specifically a web designer 2) I can't code for shit and 3) everything is built on Wix. And having a general understanding of the complexity, time, and creativity that goes into code - I'm nowhere in that playing field. I just know what looks good and what doesn't.

That being said, Wix offers tons of cool templates that you can easily swap content and have a nice, beautiful site. But for some sites I worked on, I had more fun starting blank and building up. Here are some snapshots from the websites I've been working on. It takes about 1-2 days to complete one website.



seazen soap

handmade natural soap, ecommerce (holiday) - shop page - shop page - gift guide page - gift guide page

This was my first website (besides that I put together for my mom's new soap company, Seazen Soap. We actually launched the official website around Thanksgiving where it was more earthy natural themed, but since the holidays we added snowflakes and snow and louder colors and fun and sparkles and snowflakes and snow and snow (!!!). For everyone that knows my mom, yes! She makes all these crazy 100% natural soaps that are actually pretty awesome. They smell good and are honestly pretty moisturizing. I use them everyday. Actually.


unique flowers

local florist, ecommerce - landing page - landing page - shop page - shop page - services subpage - services subpage

This was my second project for a local flower shop in Hoboken, NJ. This one was pretty challenging because they had a bunch of photos from all different events and timeframes, all of different qualities. They already had some branding done before I started working with them, so blending their aesthetic (something I wasn't 100% comfortable working with) with mine was actually pretty fun and made me think a little.



redoing my friend's website (before/after) - left column are the new pages, right column are the old pages - left column are the new pages, right column are the old pages - landing page (new) - landing page (new) - resume page (new) - resume page (new) - gallery (new) - gallery (new) - landing page (old) - landing page (old) - resume page (old) - resume page (old) - gallery (old) - gallery (old)

This one was definitely the most fun for me! I got to play a lot with Michael's website - a huge thanks to him. It was super easy - I asked him if I could remake his website that he posted to Facebook yesterday, and then a few hours later it was done. There were some design choices that I wanted to test out that, and thankfully he allowed me to with his portfolio. Even though this one is the most template-based one, I still like it. (NEW) → (OLD) →

That being said, I've been having a lot of fun playing around with Wix and Squarespace. I don't have that much of a hand on SS yet, but from what I do know and have been learning, I dig it. It's nice and clean, but lacks all the customization features Wix provides. But! That means cleaner code, (generally) faster loading, and (generally) better SEO. From what I've noticed and read. Doing this website platform building thing is really fun for me since I get to design and sit at home and be lazy. At the same time.

Anyway, thanks for sticking around for the second blog post.

- emilia liu, champloo